On my birthday last year, I made a resolution: to start a program to get in better shape physically, and this time stick with it!

Running seemed an obvious choice as a way to get in shape quickly, but I had started and abandoned that regimen many times over the past years – knees hurt, breathing was off, you name the excuse.

Then a friend suggested that I try a new phone app called Couch to 5k. Using this program, the runner starts out slowly and over the course of eight weeks builds up to running a 5k distance.  Here is Day 1, Week 1: Warm up by walking for 5 minutes, then do this five times: jog 45 seconds, walk 90 seconds, jog 45 seconds, walk 60 seconds,  finish with a five minute cool down walk.

Anyone can do that much, right?

Here is Day 3, Week 8: 5 minute warm up walk followed by a 30 minute run.

As I returned from my 30 minute run today, I realized how these same principles work for setting up a pharmacy marketing program. I think most people are so overwhelmed by the media options and budget options that they become frozen in place and end up doing nothing. Instead, what you should be doing is Day 1, Week 1: Bag stuffers that promote in-store events. When that becomes comfortable, add something new. By the time you are running your marketing 5K, it will be a rewarding program, both professionally and financially.