Absolutely! If there is a product you have in mind we can help you write content, develop the design and through to production. Call to talk with one of our marketing consultants today at 877.327.4276 and we can provide you with a free estimate.

You can email your logo and information directly to customersuccess@pharmfreshmedia.com. The best logo file type has a file name with an .eps or .pdf with a 300 dpi resolution. If it is in full color, be sure that it is saved in CMYK mode. Remember a logo from a website will not be high quality enough for printing.

Pharm Fresh is a preferred vendor for a number of associations and drug buying groups. In this role, we provide marketing mentoring for members as well as discounted products or rebates, depending on the preference of the group. To find out if we have an agreement with your buying group or association, please call 877.327.4276.
Yes, you can. However there are two certifications required by the United States Postal Service that every list must be processed through to ensure the most accurate delivery. Please submit your pharmacy’s mailing list in an excel format with the fields separated, and only include the patient’s name and address for mailings.

In general, you should plan 2-4 weeks ahead of any marketing campaign. If you have a specific deadline let us know right away and we will help plan a schedule to meet your needs.

To find out specific times, please call us at 877.327.4276.


Pharm Fresh works with one of the nation’s largest mail list acquisition companies to provide you the most up to date, accurate mailing lists. We use a combination of variables to build a profile of your customer. Some of the traits we use are: age, gender, income, presence of children and their residence location in relation to your store. Our lists use the demographics of consumers most likely to become your customer.


Pharm Fresh uses the power of variable data printing to make relevant offers and customized direct mail. This new technology allows us to personalize your direct mail with names, text, images whatever it takes to make your marketing relevant to the people you hope to reach. It is like having a One-on-One dialogue with your customer.

We even help you track your return on investment with several suggestions on different ways to measure your campaign. You can look at a few or all of the attributes of your pharmacy’s marketing like; the total OTC sales, number of prescriptions, new prescriptions, transferred prescriptions, returned coupons, number of the target consumer in the store, foot traffic, web traffic, etc.

All of our products are customizable with your pharmacy’s information. Your design will include your pharmacy’s logo, address, phone, fax, email and website. Most products could also include a list of your services, a special offer from the pharmacy, a map of your location or staff photos.
Look through our product gallery. We have produced a variety of products for different purposes and messages. Think about where your current business comes from and where you will find new business. Can’t decide on which products will work best for your pharmacy? Give us a call at 877.327.4276 and we’ll give you a free consultation.