Pharm Fresh Media can help your independent pharmacy down the path of success. We offer these free worksheets as a guide into the world of independent pharmacy marketing. Check back often to as we release more chapters.

What’s your vision?  Why do you and your staff come to work every day?  Why did you become an independent-community pharmacist?  What do you value most about the care you provide your patients and your community?  How do judge the performance of your staff?

Creating, sharing and living your vision, mission and values will help you answer these questions and more.  This workbook page will help you verbalize the answers and assist you in the first, most important component of your marketing – to build a sustainable and valuable brand identity.  We would recommend that you involve key staff in this exercise as a successful pharmacy needs everyone living the brand.

Download Chapter One: Mission, Vision, and Value

Let’s roll up our sleeves and build an ideal customer profile which begins with a list of customers and a variety of their characteristics. Patterns will emerge in the list allowing us to compile a dozen best customers into one ideal customer profile.

Download Chapter Two: Positioning Your Pharmacy