Using Brochures to Market Your Pharmacy

The marketing uses for a pharmacy capabilities brochure are endless. Whether marketing to your current customers, new customers or health care providers, this can be one of your most valuable tools! Why would I want to give a capabilities brochure to my current customers, you might wonder?  Despite all of your efforts, and no matter

Medication Cards: Help Your Patients Organize Their Health

I have a hard time deciding what I admire most about my Independent pharmacies. I watch as you balance being an important part of your patients’ health care with the challenges of being an entrepreneur. I know that many of you promote medication reviews and, being rockstars, most of you offer a med synch program

Infographic: 5 Direct Mail Mistakes To Avoid

Direct mail is one of the most powerful ways to market your products and services, but it's easy to sabotage your efforts. Here are a few mistakes to avoid: Not identifying your audience. Mail gives you the ability to target specific individuals, so take advantage of that strength and decide which segments will most likely

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