I make it a point to visit Independents wherever I travel to get a feel for what type of marketing is happening. To date I have yet to find a pharmacy that can give me a well-designed piece of literature that simply explains what they do. Considering that most people – even our long time customers – can’t remember all that we offer, having capabilities pharmacy brochures is crucial.

What are some ways you can use a capabilities brochure to promote your pharmacy?

  • Always hand a brochure to a new patient. Always.
  • Take brochures with you any time you are in front of a new group of people (ex. health fairs)
  • Ask senior centers and medical clinics if you can leave your brochures in their lobby. Bring a brochure holder with you to be sure your brochures are organized and at eye level. Inexpensive holders can be found at Office Max, Staples, or online.
  • Using the Refer a Friend program? Then make the brochures accessible to those loyal friends who wish to refer new patients.

For those of you who use our physician referral brochure, remember they don’t do you any good sitting on your shelf. You, or someone from your pharmacy, need to make the calls to clinics and practices that appreciate what you do. Marketing of The Month member Ade, from Aloe Drug Mart of Pembroke Pines, Florida, grew his business 30% in seven months by calling on physicians and having great marketing materials to leave behind.

Remember, to put your best marketing foot forward you need to have professional materials to support what you do.