I’m sure everyone is aware that last year Walgreens agreed to purchase more than 1,900 Rite Aids across the country. For some, this might mean a store in the area transitioning to a Walgreens, while for others it could mean a Rite Aid location is closing.

We had a Rite Aid pharmacy close its doors here in Wisconsin, and the day it was announced we reached out to a nearby pharmacy and asked if they were doing anything to capitalize? Less than 48 hours later we had thousands of postcards cover the area. The owner told us she was overwhelmed with the response and so thankful that we called her.

Opportunity Awaits

So, the question is – are you doing anything to seize the opportunity before there ceases to be one? Are you letting potential patients in the area know that transferring a prescription is easy? That they have an option to take their business to a locally owned independent community pharmacy?

Get the word out while you can – while patients are in transition. Let them know why they should choose to come to your pharmacy instead. Because you don’t cost more despite their perception being otherwise. Because your wait times are shorter despite their perception being otherwise. Let them know that 66% of every dollar they spend with you, stays in the same community they live in.

Pharm Fresh to the Rescue

There are a thousand things you could say – and we’d like to help you get that message out. A Pharmacy isn’t a field of dreams – just because you built it, doesn’t mean they’ll come. Get the word out! We’ll print oversized postcards with excellent design that can deliver via an Every Door Direct Mail to every address within a given radius of the affected Rite Aid. This is one of the best ways to reach out to your community.

Get 5,000 postcards, designed, printed, shipped, and mailed, starting at $3,000, including postage! Get 10,000 postcards starting $4,250.