Finally, a website that is tailored to the Independent Pharmacist.

At Pharm Fresh, we like to make the argument that print isn’t dead, that it still has a valuable place in the modern age, but that doesn’t mean we deny we are most definitely living in the modern age. And for the businesses trying to succeed in this age, having a great website is not a possibility, it is a necessity. How many of us use google search to find everything we need; the name of that actor you can’t quite remember, “how to” videos for DIY projects, where can I buy mulch for my yard? When is the next Star Wars movie coming out? We all do it, and believe me, when someone is looking for a Pharmacy near them, they are doing the same thing. 81% of potential customers for any store have already researched it online. Did your Pharmacy come up in the results page? Without a website, the answer is simple–no. Hopefully, you’ve already done some marketing so that you are known to your customers. But that doesn’t mean you won’t lose new customers if they do a Google search and find someone else a couple blocks away. And while word of mouth is great advertising, maybe the best, Siri still needs to tell your new customers where to turn to actually get to your pharmacy. No web presence, no Siri directions.

We have been building custom websites for years with design work that has won awards for our clients. But not everyone can take on such a task, not everyone has the time in their day to add to their website, to keep it updated and working. So, the Creative Director at Pharm Fresh sat down with his team and asked, how can we help? What can we do to get Independent Pharmacies to realize the value in a website? To understand that they are competing with the big box stores on both the street, and online. Actually, the answer was incredibly obvious once the question was asked. We make it easy. Allow me to introduce, Pharm Fresh Connect- our new program with a set website design template for Pharmacies to format with just a few clicks. Easy to use functionality on a website that you can call your own.

Why choose Pharm Fresh Connect for your website? Well, let me give a couple reasons. The first one is, we will use your domain–that is your Pharmacy’s name in the URL. Other guys like to put their name first– It’s not the look you want. We say, buy a domain for your pharmacy, and then let us have some fun! Wouldn’t you rather see the URL that says  You can’t tell me that doesn’t look and sound better! Secondly, we are Pharm Fresh, we are not JUST a website builder trying to sell this to every industry. We are an entire marketing agency geared towards helping you, Independent Pharmacies, compete in the digital world that has a lot of opportunities to offer you. Our whole setup is built from the ground up with one thing in mind, how we can help local pharmacies get the advantage.

“Digital Design is like a painting, except the paint never dries”- Neville Brody. In that, we make sure your site is always up-and-running. There is no need to make updates or worry about security. And, with Pharm Fresh Connect you’ll have the foundation for other digital marketing efforts like Facebook advertising and Google ads.


Not sure how to begin, just reach out to me at