In the fall of this year, news broke of an Independent Pharmacy closing its doors. Given the reputation of the Pharmacy, it definitely came as a shock- but it also brought with it something exciting, an opportunity. It can be hard to distinguish between the hard knocks of life and those of opportunity at times. However, we fortunately distinguished the difference this time, and reached out to go our good friend, Peg Breuer, at Neuhauser Pharmacy.

Neuhauser Pharmacy was three blocks away from one of these closing Pharmacies, and we asked Peg, ‘Have you taken any steps to seize this opportunity?’ There’s a fine line between seizing an opportunity, and it ceasing to be one you see, and the window of opportunity was closing rapidly. Peg was ready though, and in less than 48 hours, we had delivered thousands of postcards across the neighborhood.

And the response has been overwhelming!

The theme of the card was simple, just a reminder to the community, “Think Local”, a take on the buy local theme we’ve used successfully many times. The community had already made the decision to buy locally when they had their prescriptions filled at the closing Pharmacy, so we just gave them a gentle nudge in the right direction. Peg has said she has been swamped with the number of people coming in to her Pharmacy, either with Postcard in hand, or referencing it. This has been a HUGE success, and she was so thankful we were there.

Let us be there for you too. PharmFresh deals exclusively with independent pharmacies because we believe in what you mean to the community.


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