The marketing uses for a pharmacy capabilities brochure are endless. Whether marketing to your current customers, new customers or health care providers, this can be one of your most valuable tools!

Why would I want to give a capabilities brochure to my current customers, you might wonder?  Despite all of your efforts, and no matter how long someone has been your customer, people will always be surprised to discover all of the services that you offer. How often do we hear “I didn’t know you did that!” Selling more to people who already like and trust you is an easy way to increase sales. Leave your brochure in a nice brochure holder on your pharmacy counter, or consider putting one in the prescription bag of select patients.

How can you use this brochure to market to new customers? I know that many of you attend health fairs and other community events. Be sure that you get your brochure in the hands of the people that you meet. Is there Senior Housing near your pharmacy? Either obtain a mailing list of residents (you can purchase these lists) or leave your brochure in the lobby of the facility. You could also consider mailing brochures to a select target audience within a certain radius of your pharmacy.

Health care providers can provide an untapped market for the Independent Pharmacist. Any pharmacy can fill a diabetic prescription, but do the big chains offer medication counseling, or fittings, or other services that you offer for the diabetic patient? If I were a doctor, I would certainly want my patient to go where he or she can get the most complete care. All too often busy health care providers are unaware of the value that the community pharmacy can offer to their patients.

Now, that you’ve got some ways to use a capabilities brochure, we can get down to the actual brochure itself. Guess what, it has to look and sound as amazing as you are. The most overlooked piece of the brochure is often the design and messaging itself. That’s understandable, you are a pharmacist not a professional designer or copywriter. That’s where we can help. Our process involves not only understanding your vision and values, but also your services and unique offerings. We then pour that knowledge into a final product that is distinctly you. Every pharmacy has a story to tell. Let’s tell your story.


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