Let’s get social!

It is hard to go a day without hearing someone talking about social media. It is everywhere – on the news, in seminars, yes, even in the marketing CE‘s I teach. Let’s face it, many of the conversations that people are having today are happening online.

Social media for pharmacies doesn’t have to be scary, it’s a very smart move to help promote business. I know that some of you are a bit reluctant to cross the line to Facebook. I also know that in some cases, this is your only online presence. At its most basic, Facebook can serve as a way for customers to find you, both online and mobile, which is critical.

For the rest of you who want to see what kind of branding you can build through Facebook, we have the following suggestions.

  1. Develop marketing materials that promote your Facebook page, such as posters and bag stuffers.
  2. Consider running specials for people who “Like” you during a specific time period. A gift card to your store would be a great incentive.
  3. Post information and articles about health and wellness. There are calendars with the “disease of the month” readily available to help you focus your content.
  4. Post featured products and specials to drive sales. For example, during American Diabetes Month in November, you may want to offer specials on sugar free candies or stockings or testing supplies.
  5. Post photos to show off your pharmacy. Let them see who you are and build a personal connection with your patients by letting them get to know you.
  6. Show your support for the local community and Like any of their pages, especially any that you are directly involved in.

Facebook should not be a completely time consuming project. Your strategy should be to get everyone on your staff involved. Trust me; you have people on your staff who are on Facebook all the time. Enlist their help in getting posts up for you. Give them an hour each week to post something and okay the posts in advance. Adding posts should be a fun expression for your staff.

Just remember, it is called Social Marketing for a reason. Make sure your Facebook page and your other online marketing is a place your friends want to be!