Medication Cards: Help Your Patients Organize Their Health

I have a hard time deciding what I admire most about my Independent pharmacies. I watch as you balance being an important part of your patients’ health care with the challenges of being an entrepreneur. I know that many of you promote medication reviews and, being rockstars, most of you offer a med synch program

Marketing Niche Services: A Key to Success

What do you do when faced with deciding between two competing businesses when both appear to do the same thing? Even if one offers “fast, friendly service”, is that enough to help sway your decision? Of course not. When faced with deciding between two businesses that offer the same thing, our decisions often are swayed

Adherence: Helping Your Patients Through Marketing

Good for your patients and your business, and great for marketing. Adherence is the buzz word right now for healthy and successful pharmacy practices. And for good reason, I would argue. While pharmacists have long known that adherent patients are healthier, putting it into practice was not always as easy as one would think. First

Podcast: Marketing for the Independent Pharmacy

Our very own Liz Tiefenthaler was a return guest on to discuss Independent Pharmacies and how they can better compete with the big guys. With all of the different hats Independent Pharmacies wear throughout the day, their marketing efforts usually get left toward the bottom of the pile. Pharm Fresh products take the extra

Infographic: 5 Direct Mail Mistakes To Avoid

Direct mail is one of the most powerful ways to market your products and services, but it's easy to sabotage your efforts. Here are a few mistakes to avoid: Not identifying your audience. Mail gives you the ability to target specific individuals, so take advantage of that strength and decide which segments will most likely

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