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Summertime Swag

Searching for the most unique and functional summertime swag for your next event? Look no further. Whether you're hosting a tailgate party, a company picnic, or summer themed event, we've got some HOT ideas for you! Sunglasses Sunglasses may be one of the most basic of promotional products, but the RayBan-esque style and design of the Malibu

Using Brochures to Market Your Pharmacy

The marketing uses for a pharmacy capabilities brochure are endless. Whether marketing to your current customers, new customers or health care providers, this can be one of your most valuable tools! Why would I want to give a capabilities brochure to my current customers, you might wonder?  Despite all of your efforts, and no matter

Pharmacy Brochures: A Most Important Part of Your Marketing Arsenal

I make it a point to visit Independents wherever I travel to get a feel for what type of marketing is happening. To date I have yet to find a pharmacy that can give me a well-designed piece of literature that simply explains what they do. Considering that most people – even our long time

Stay in Touch with Personalized Cards for Your Patients

It is graduation season and with it the required graduation parties. I was so excited to receive an invitation in the mail to my niece’s party, yet somehow the e-vite I received to a friend’s daughter’s party just didn’t carry the same feeling. It made me really think about how we recognize special events in