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Pop Socket To Me

Have you seen these yet? Pop Sockets are the new must-have accessory that will transform the way you use your mobile device. Peel the backing, stick it to your device, pop it out and BAM! You’re using a Pop Socket! Whether you position it as a stand for watching videos or video messaging, as a

Medication Cards: Help Your Patients Organize Their Health

I have a hard time deciding what I admire most about my Independent pharmacies. I watch as you balance being an important part of your patients’ health care with the challenges of being an entrepreneur. I know that many of you promote medication reviews and, being rockstars, most of you offer a med synch program

Marketing Niche Services: A Key to Success

What do you do when faced with deciding between two competing businesses when both appear to do the same thing? Even if one offers “fast, friendly service”, is that enough to help sway your decision? Of course not. When faced with deciding between two businesses that offer the same thing, our decisions often are swayed

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